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connecting the notes

Increasingly corporations are being called upon to help solve some of the pressing social and environmental challenges facing communities. Music as Message provides a vehicle to meet this challenge.

Our Corporate Partnership Programs help our corporate partners make a difference while building good will in the community—thereby creating a win-win for everyone.

Authenticity is at the heart of our corporate program. We match your corporate mission to the programs we have available. And, if we don’t have a program we can help you create one that creates an authentic connection between your brand mission and the needs of the community.

school outreach

The Corporate logo is printed on all CD's and activity books. Teachers will download the lesson plans from a password protected section of the Music as Message website. Corporate logo's are prominantely displayed on the site.

community outreach

A customizable Public Service Campaign is made available to all of our corporate partners.

customized product development

Don't see a product that fits your company's needs? Let us create a program just for you. Music as Message can work with your organization to create additional innovative and market relevant products and programs to leverage the impact of your message in the marketplace.

grants and research

We will partner with businesses and organizations interested applying for grants to bring the Music as Message programs to your community. In addition we are interested in on-going research to explore the long-term behavior changes music as message makes in children.


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