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press room

American Advertising Federation 4th District unveils its 2008 public service campaign
Tallahassee, FL
A two-month state-wide teaser blitz, featuring “think logically,” ended today with the unveiling of the remainder of the campaign’s slogan...

WFSU Florida Public Radio coverage of the Think Ecologically campaign
Tallahassee, FL
Launching is Think Ecologically Campaign, the 4th District of the American Advertising Federation chose this year to teach kids how to reduce, reuse and recycle ...

Green Ads Catching On (article in Pensacola News Journal)
Pensacola, FL
A homegrown message promoting environmentally friendly habits is appearing on television, radio and billboards statewide, and its Pensacola creators hope that's just a start. The public service spots feature "Eco" the butterfly ...

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